Writing Diary: NaNoWriMo!

So, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow and I have to be honest: I was excited, but then I wasted days trying to plot my story and going nowhere. I had the begining, an idea of the ending and no middle. My excitement faded. I almost gave up on this year’s NaNoWriMo because seriously, I’m a planner. I don’t work well without a good, detailed plan to help me along the way. So I was going to quit.
But then yesterday the bus I take to come back home from college got stuck in a intense traffic (it was raining and my city kind of stops when it rains, so) and, with nothing to do, I started thinking about my project. And let me tell you, in a span of five minutes I had not only my middle, but the overall plot and titles of the two other books of the trilogy.
It was fantastic.
I have no idea of how it happened. I’m just glad it did.
So, when I got out of bed this morning the first thing I did was drag my father to the nearby store (someone had to drive, after all) and buy two new notebooks. And the I spent the whole day plotting my story, creating new character profiles and planning the scenes I’ll be writing tomorrow. I write by hand and because of that I’m really slow, so everything has to be planned well.
I’ll try to post weekly about my progress. You can find on NaNoWriMo’s website here and below is my project’s synopsis. Ah, and it is called (for now) Masked Queen.

Stories say there was a time when humanity ruled the earth.

Saoirse knows them pretty well. She is the Masked Princess, the heir of humanity’s last kingdom and it is her duty to remember the time before the monsters and the shadows, before they were forced to give up living on the surface to seek refuge on the long-abandoned floating elven cities. Her ancestors were chosen to protect what is left of the human race and she’s been training for it her whole life, but now her mother, Searra, the Iron Queen, is dead. And Saoirse knows she was murdered.

Rhy’s father used to tell these stories to his siblings when he was a child training to face the horrors that almost destroyed humanity centuries ago, and now, as a general famous for his skills with the sacred weapons, he doesn’t give them much importance. But after a campaign gone terribly wrong he is forced to give up the battlefield to fight for his people in a different way: marrying the soon to be queen and, as the new king, bringing justice to those who live near the surface, where the battle is endless and where his family’s bones lie. But he soon finds out that there is more to those stories than he had ever imagined.

As the only son of a once royal – and now poor – family, Lysander knows all of them by heart – and knows more. He knows about the five human kingdoms, and the red war and the new empire, but he also knows about the old elven rulers and their ancient gods and their genderless society. His mother made sure he knew about her people before his father took her away, and now, years later, Lysander has to pretend he doesn’t know the forbidden stories the human race chose to forget. But he has more to hide; from his father who wants him to be the new king the fact he doesn’t like women, and, from everyone else, the day he called for his mother’s people’s gods – and the day their angels called back.

Stories say there will be a time when humanity will rule the earth again, but there is an enemy to be defeated first. Something lurks in the streets of the capital, Neora, and when a ball in honor of the late queen ends in blood and darkneess, Saoirse, Rhy and Lysander realize they are pawns in a bigger game, a game the Iron Queen started – and one they might not be able to win.

So that’s it. Wish me luck. I’ll need lots of it!


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