NaNoWriMo – week one (11/01 – 11/07)

 So, my first week was great. I wrote a lot. Of course I think most of it is crap, but for now I’m focusing on writing only. Editing and rewriting comes later.
  • 11/01: My goal was to write 2.000 words because I knew I would probably spend my whole friday away from home and wouldn’t be able to write much. I ended up writing 2.082 words, all by hand. Then when I turned my laptop on I wrote more 1.046 words for a “fanfic” of my own NaNo project. NaNo wordcount: 2.082. Fanfic wordcount: 141 words I had written a few days before + 1.046 written today, so 1.187.
  • 11/02: From now on I started writing on my laptop and this was my best day so far. Goal was to write 2.000 words again, but I wrote 4.013. It’s was holiday here in my country, so that probably helped. NaNo wordcount: 6.095. Fanfic wordcount: Still 1.187.
  • 11/03: Goal was still 2.000 and I wrote 2.036. I thought I wouldn’t be able to reach 2k because of uni, but I did so yay! Also wrote more 459 words for the fanfic. NaNo wordcount: 8146. Fanfic wordcount: 1.646.
  • 11/04: Goal still 2.000 and I wrote 2.019. Also wrote more 1.244 and finished a short story I’ve been writing since september. NaNo wordcount: 10.165. Fanfic wordcount: Still 1.646. Short story wordcount: 3.600 I wrote between september and october + 1244 I wrote today, so 4.844. FINISHED.
  • 11/05: Goal still 2.000 and I wrote 2.305. NaNo wordcount: 12.470. Fanfic wordcount: Still 1.646.
  • 11/06: Goal still 2.000 and I wrote 2.070 (and I spent the day away from home! Yay!). NaNo wordcount: 14.500. Fanfic wordcount: Still 1.646.
  • 11/07: I thought I would write a lot today because it’s saturday, but nope. I was really tired all day and ended up writing only 2.505. NaNo wordcount: 17.005. Fanfic wordcount: 1.646.

So I wrote 19.754 words in a week. This is amazing for me. I mean, it took me two months to write 3.600 words of the short story I finished this week.

I’m starting to feel tired though. And my story is a mess. I’m trying not to care about it, of course, but I’m the person who spent eight years rewriting the same story and still didn’t finish it, so…

This week’s quote:

“Then tell me, Kaligna,” she said slowly. “Why was there a monster inside my castle’s walls? In my city, the dead gods know how far from the surface? Why it focused on me instead of killing mindlessly like all reports say they do, no matter how smart?”
Rhy grinned. “I don’t know, my princess. I’m only a common Seeker.”
To his surprise, the princess snorted. “Right. That’s why you have such a huge reputation at twenty four years old, and that’s why you were one of the three survivors from that cave. Because you’re a common Seeker, of course.”
“Why, my princess, you flatter me.”
It was her turn to grin, her words like a whip. “I aim to please.” (Masked Queen, chapter 4).

Anyway, I’m still excited.


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