NaNoWriMo – week two (11/08 – 11/14)

My second week was also great! I had to go through a small surgery on Wednesday, but I could write with no problems. Also, I finished the fanfic on the 7th.

  • 11/08: Goal was at least 2.000 words, like always, but I hit 3.004 words so yay! NaNo wordcount: 17.005 written last week + 3.004 written today, so 20.009.
  • 11/09: This wasn’t a good day, but I managed to write 2.050 words anyway. NaNo wordcount: 22.059.
  • 11/10: I didn’t write anything today. I had to do some stuff related to the surgery, so I didn’t have time to do much. First day since the beginning of NaNo that I didn’t write a single word. NaNo wordcount: 22.059.
  • 11/11: Surgery happened today, but I went home a little after lunch and had the time to write more 2.079 words. NaNo wordcount: 24.138.
  • 11/12: My best day so far. Wrote 5.017 words. NaNo wordcount: 29.155.
  • 11/13: Not a good day because sinusistis, but managed to write 2.066 words. NaNo wordcount: 31.221.
  • 11/14: Sinusitis is still kicking my ass, but I wrote 4.147 words and now there are less than 15.000 words left to 50.000! NaNo wordcount: 35.368.

I wrote 18.363 words this week. Last week I wrote 17.005 for my NaNo project + 2.749 for another things. Overall I wrote less, but I’m really satisfied with my wordcount so far! I hope I’ll hit 50k this week instead of only on November 31th.

This week’s excerpt:

“It didn’t attack me. It could have reduced my face to shreds if I wasn’t fast enough to stop it, but it didn’t even try.” Lysander stared at him as if he was insane. Maybe he was. He coughed. “And anyway, I already told you and later I’ll be telling the princess, and it didn’t attack anyone yet, so…”

“Fine.” Lysander sighed. Rhy kept staring at him and the prince met his eyes, arching his eyebrows again. “What is it?”

Rhy coughed again. “I need your help.”

Lysander stared at him some more. “My help?”

“Well, yes,” he said with a smile. “But if you keep acting like that I’ll start to think this is an awful idea.”

The prince snorted. “Not an awful idea. Just… unexpected.”

Rhy grinned. “One of my qualities,” he said. “Always doing the unexpected thing.”


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